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Mr. Vuong My Thu

Assistant Manager
Email: thu.vuong.my@itsuwa.co.jp
Mobile: +84(0)-90-777-0575
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Nguyễn Hữu Tùng

Email: tung.nguyen.huu@itsuwa.co.jp
Mobile: +84(0)-978 – 931 910
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Hidetoshi Shimono

Japanese Manager
Mobile: +84(0)-90-2282246
Email: shimono@itsuwa.co.jp
Location: Ho Chi Minh City

Mr. Tomoomi Kawai

Japanese Manager
Email: kawai@itsuwa.co.jp
Hotline: +84 (0)-90-327-2246
Location: Ha Noi

our main business
  1. Exclusive dealer distributor of automotive glass coating ( BRILA)
  2. Dealer distributor of MITSUI grinding wheel(such as CDN, BIA)
  3. Dealer distributor of NEOS(cutting oil, coolant, corrosion protect,…)
  4. Dealer distributor of solder tip (DURATIP)
  5. Dealer distributor of glove flops SUZUKI LATEX.
  6. Dealer distributor of Connertor, housing, termila (STM)
  7. Dealer distributor of auxiliary materials and product related to clean room ( XINGYE)
  8. Dealer distributor of filter, filter bag used in industry
  9. Dealer distributor of KONISHI adhesive glue which is fast drying,  non-tin-bonding standard REACH No 276/2010 and other adhesive.
  10. Dealer distributor of Winrigo“3plas”
  11. Dealer distributor of THERMORON fluoroplastic plating.
  12. Dealer distributor of TTA which is reinforced ultra-thin glass
  13. Other electronics, and custom-made products such as Cables, FPCs, LEDs, LED welders, LED’s, HOZAN toolbars


ITSUWA Việt Nam Co., LTD was established in November 1st , 2009

The investment is 100.000 USD (from 100% ITSUWA SHOJI)

Deputy Director:Yutaka Kuwahara

Director: Yu Miyazoe

Code of tax:0103045098

Website http://www.itsuwa.vn

our partner

If you want to be ITSUWA's partner, please do not hesitate to contact us !

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